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How To Upload Video


What are the qualifications for the nominee?

We are honoring healthcare workers that are directly assisting in the COVID-19 crisis.

When will the finalists be announced and how many are chosen?

There will be 10 finalists chosen from all of the submissions we receive. The top 10 finalists will be announced on May 16th.

When will the Winner be announced?

We will announce a winner the first week of June. The winner will be contacted prior to public announcement.

How do we vote?

The top 10 finalists’ videos will be posted on the dealership website. Anyone many visit the website, view the top 10 contestant’s videos and then submit their vote via the website form submission found below the videos.

What should be included in the video submissions?

We would like for you to create a video no longer than 3 minutes that includes the name of the nominee (yourself or a third party), a description of what kind of job you (or they) are performing with regards to the COVID-19 crisis and why you (or they) should be chosen as the winner. You may include a specific story or stories about how you have assisted COVID-19 patients.

How do you upload a video to YouTube or Vimeo?

See videos below for information on how to upload a video to YouTube or Vimeo. Once you have uploaded the video, please copy the link into the form submission where indicated.

Can you upload a video to YouTube and keep it private?

You are able to upload a video and keep it as an unlisted video. When a video is an unlisted YouTube video, the video can only be found via the link provided.

What forms must be signed in order to qualify?

We will need the following form (insert link) filled out and signed by the nominee.

When will voting begin and how many times can 1-person vote?

Voting will be open from May 16-31st. Only one vote per person will be counted. Must have a valid e-mail address.

Will my video be posted throughout the contest?

Yes, we reserve the perpetual and unrestricted right to post your video on our social media pages, website, or dealership related promotional materials throughout the campaign. Our goal is to honor as many healthcare workers as possible.

If I have issues submitting the form or uploading the video, who can I contact for support?

For any questions or concerns, please contact

Frontline Healthcare Worker Of The Year Nomination